The International Association of Journalists (IAJ) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to journalist organisations. IAJ helps ensure a healthy environment for the media stuff.

Providing member services that range from representation to legal services, advice, and other assistance, IAJ has built a service organization that strongly stands for all organisations of journalists. We facilitate the environment necessary for media organisations to succeed, measuring our performance by success.

IAJ provides a vital counterbalance to the increasing globalisation and commercialisation of the media. Our Vision is to be one of the most effective, representative and professional federation of journalists. The freedom of expression underpins other human rights. It is the means by which other human rights are defended and extended. In the Information Age the freedom of expression takes on additional importance, as the ability to send and receive information, regardless of frontiers, comes increasingly to dominate our economic, social and cultural life. A new grassroots agenda is emerging to articulate the right to communicate an agenda in which access to new media and communication technologies is seen as an essential part of public life and a democratic culture.